Window box packaging has gained immense popularity in recent years, thanks to its aesthetic appeal and the convenience it offers in showcasing products. Window box packaging, as the name suggests, has a window or an opening that allows consumers to view the contents inside. These boxes are widely used in various industries such as food, cosmetics, electronics, and others. As a result, many designers and businesses are exploring new ways to make their window box packaging stand out from the rest. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the top 5 design trends in window box packaging.

Minimalistic Designs

Minimalism is a design trend that has been popular for a long time and is still going strong. This design style focuses on simplicity and uses minimal elements to convey the brand's message. In window box packaging, minimalistic designs involve using a simple color scheme, clean lines, and limited text. By using fewer design elements, the product becomes the focus, and the packaging acts as a subtle background that doesn't detract from the product.

Bold Typography

Typography is an essential aspect of packaging design, and in recent years, bold typography has become increasingly popular. Bold typography involves using a thick and prominent font to make a statement. In custom box packaging, bold typography can be used to highlight the product's key features or brand message. This design trend is particularly effective in catching the consumer's attention and making the product stand out on the shelf.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Sustainability is a trend that has gained significant momentum in recent years, and it is no surprise that eco-friendly window box packaging has become a popular design trend. Eco-friendly materials such as recycled paper, cardboard, and biodegradable plastics are becoming the norm in packaging design. Businesses are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, and eco-friendly packaging is an effective way to communicate this to consumers. Eco-friendly window box packaging designs typically feature simple and earthy color schemes, and the packaging itself is often part of the brand's sustainability story.

Vibrant Colors

Vibrant colors are an effective way to catch the consumer's attention and convey a sense of energy and excitement. In window box packaging, vibrant colors can be used to make the product stand out on the shelf and communicate a sense of fun and playfulness. Bold color combinations and gradients are particularly effective in creating a striking and memorable design.

Illustrated Designs

Illustrated designs are a timeless design trend that has made a comeback in recent years. Illustrations are versatile design elements that can be used to create a unique and memorable window box packaging design. Illustrations can be used to showcase the product inside or tell a story about the brand or product. This design trend is particularly effective for brands that want to communicate a sense of fun and creativity.


In conclusion, window box packaging design trends continue to evolve, and businesses must keep up with the latest design trends to stay relevant and catch the consumer's attention. Minimalistic designs, bold typography, eco-friendly materials, vibrant colors, and illustrated designs are some of the top design trends in window box packaging. By incorporating these design elements into their packaging, businesses can create unique and memorable designs that effectively communicate their brand message to consumers.